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Pre- School Photography

Welcome to Louise Murnane Photography Pre-School Photography page. I offer pre-school photography completely free of charge to local pre-schools.I am a mum of 3 boys and have been running my photography studio in Elsenham since 2013 offering affordable family photography to the local area.


What I offer...

Pre school photo sessions can take place at your school setting.


The school will receive 20% of the overall profit gained from sales of photographs & gifts to parents.


Parents will be provided with a proof card with a unique reference to their child's photos, which they will then be able to order online through the school ordering page. All orders will be delivered to school for collection by parents or parents can choose to have orders delivered to their home address.

If required group photos can also be taken, which are especially nice keepsakes of first friends for leavers that are going onto big school.

The school will be provided with flyers to let parents know when the sessions will be held.

Each child will have their own preview gallery online password protected for parents to view their Childs images.

Contact me now to book your school session.

Applebarn Leavers.jpg

Applebarn Pre School Stansted

Beautiful set of pre school photo's for Applebarn. Natural photos' taken in the garden whilst the children were unaware and perfect formal photo's too! 

Claire Ketters Brown - Applebarn

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