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Hi, I'm Louise :)

Hi everyone,

I am Louise and I have been a professional photographer since 2012. I am based in Elsenham just 5 minutes from Stansted Airport. (although I'm actually a northerner ;) but I married a southerner)

I was cabin crew for many years and got into photography when I had my 2nd son so really I have him to thank for being so cute and the perfect model to practice on. He's now nearly 12 but still a great model :) I have 3 boys but the other 2 are not so keen on having their photos taken it usually takes bribery!

So I gave up my flying job officially in 2016 although I had been on maternity leave prior to this with son number 3! I decided it was time to focus fully on my business and the lack of child care and shift work flying didn't really work anymore with 3 kids. I can fit the business around my family and work when I want to work which is great. So that's me, keep an eye on my blog for examples on my work and discussions about photographers and how to choose the right photographer for you.


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